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Why choose Apollo Game?

At Apollo Game, we masterfully craft puzzle games that not only captivate your eyes but also challenge your intellect.


Fun and Relaxing

Apollo Game's puzzle games are meticulously designed to provide a harmonious balance of intrigue and relaxation. Each puzzle invites players into a world of delightful challenges that gently stimulate the mind while offering a calming respite from everyday stress. Dive into our games and experience the perfect blend of fun and tranquility.


Train Your Mind

Apollo Game's puzzle offerings are more than just entertainment; they are a gym for the mind. Each game is expertly crafted to challenge and enhance your logical thinking, sharpening cognitive skills with every level. By diving into our puzzles, users embark on a journey that not only entertains but also fortifies the mental muscles, fostering sharper decision-making and problem-solving abilities.


User first

At Apollo Game, user experience isn't just a feature; it's our cornerstone. We meticulously refine every detail, ensuring that gameplay is not only engaging but also intuitively fluid. Our unwavering commitment to excellence guarantees that each game we release meets the highest standards of quality, delivering an unmatched gaming journey for our users.

About Us

Founded in 2017 by a group of 3 puzzle game enthusiasts, Apollo Game Studio specialize in making classic puzzle games with a clear user-first mindset.

Who we are

We are a small game studio and we make fun puzzle games. We believe that puzzle games are not only fun to play but also give users relaxing and enjoyable time. Puzzle games could also help users improve their logic, problem-solving skills and enhance their memory.

We pour immense effort into crafting puzzle games of unparalleled quality, where every piece and pixel is honed to perfection. Our dedication goes beyond mere aesthetics, as we tirelessly refine gameplay mechanics to ensure an intuitive and rewarding user experience. Our passion is evident in every challenge and solution, showcasing our commitment to both stellar game quality and exceptional player engagement.

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our features

What are the features that make our games stand out from the rest?

Elegant design

Apollo Game's designs exude elegance, with each game crafted to be a visual masterpiece that seamlessly blends form and function. Our attention to detail ensures that players are not only challenged but also treated to a refined and aesthetically pleasing gaming environment.

Challenging Puzzles

Our puzzles are intricately designed to stretch the mind, offering just the right level of challenge to intrigue and captivate. Every solution reached not only signifies a triumph over the challenge but also delivers a profound sense of satisfaction, a testament to our thoughtful game craftsmanship.

Good for your mind

Apollo Game's creations serve as serene sanctuaries, allowing users to relax and rewind amidst the chaos of daily life. Beyond relaxation, our puzzles intricately weave challenges that bolster logic, hone problem-solving abilities, and fortify memory recall. Immersing in our games is both a soothing escape and a cerebral workout, cultivating a sharper and rejuvenated mind.


Simon Lim

Art Director

In the world of puzzle gaming, art is not just a backdrop; it's a language. At Apollo Game, we deeply understand that every shade, texture, and visual element plays an integral role in storytelling, guiding players, and evoking emotions. A well-designed puzzle is like a symphony, where art and mechanics dance in harmony. To me, art is the heart of our games, elevating the experience from merely challenging to truly enchanting.


3 Pillars of Art at Apollo Game

Emotional Resonance: At the core of our art philosophy is the belief that every visual should evoke a feeling. From the color palettes to the character designs, our art seeks to touch the heart, allowing players to forge a deeper connection with the game. It's not just about seeing; it's about feeling.

Intuitive Design: While our games are rich in detail, we prioritize clarity and intuitiveness. Every element is designed to guide and engage the player, ensuring that they're not just passively playing but actively immersing in a well-orchestrated visual journey. The beauty lies not just in how it looks, but also in how seamlessly it aids gameplay.

Dynamic Evolution: As players progress through our games, they are treated to a dynamic evolution of art. We believe in rewarding players not just with advanced levels but with an unfolding tapestry of visuals that grow richer, more intricate, and even more captivating. This visual progression is integral in keeping players motivated and engrossed.

    Try out our games, you'll not be disappointed.

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    What our clients say

    Monica Hardy

    "I've always been a puzzle enthusiast, but Apollo's games take the experience to an entirely new level. There's a genuine thoughtfulness in their design - from the immersive graphics to the intricate challenges that keep me coming back for more. Each time I open one of Apollo's puzzle games, I know I'm in for a delightful blend of relaxation and mental stimulation. It's evident that they don't just make games; they craft experiences. Thank you, Apollo, for reigniting my love for puzzles in such a spectacular way!"

    Maureen Mau mathis Sprague

    "Love this addictive game and its challenges. I only just downloaded this particular app as I have played tons of apps game however I like the level of the challenges right from Start.I like the smoothness of the app no lag or glitches. I particularly like the ads or lack of ads. There's no obtrusive relentless amount of ads and u can almost immediately close them out when there is an ad.i almost feel like I paid for the no ads luxury. If ur a block puzzle fan I recommend this app u'll love it."


    "This one is the best. I truly thought that I would absolutely hate this kind of game. I have never been so wrong....but this time I don't care about being wrong. I love the game. It is so easy to get along with. Thanks again for another wonderful game and of course it pays it will be a collision of wonderful and amazing!!!"

    Dennis Dinh Nguyen

    "Good game to kill some time and release stress after a hard day of work. Some ads but bearable and totally FREE to Play."


    Some fun facts about Apollo Game Studio

    How many users have played your games?

    More than 8 Million users have played our games, with more than 146 Million hours of Playtime.

    How many people are in your studio

    We are a small studio with 15 people.

    In which countries do you have office?

    Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia

    What are you proud of?

    More than 8 Million users with average rating of 4.5. That proves that a wide audience love our games.

    What is your plan in the next year?

    We will keep improving to add more values to our users. We hope to improve our game design in the next year.

    Where are your users from?

    All over the world.

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    We partner with renowned companies in Mobile Game industry.


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